RFID provides all features to identify without line of sight any kind of objects and assets. However, to securely ensure that this identification is not switch, by mistake or intentionally, to another object is a feature much more difficult to achieve in an efficient way.

There are some way to make a tamper evidence function, meaning that if the tag is removed from its identified object, the functionality is switched off. It is good enough in many applications. However today, there are new types of RFID circuits, such as the NXP G2iL1 that opens new enhanced features for a real identification secure by a tamper proof functionality. Go4S is working and actively evaluating for some of its customer to implement such additional features into specific applications.

It will provide for instance:

  • A Product status flag indicates whether a product has undergone quality checks or passed certain process check points.
  • A Read Protect limits access to product information, to authorized personnel only. This frees shop owners from privacy claims and protects confidential memory content.
  • A Tag Tamper Alarm that indicates if the tag has been ripped, torn, removed from its original position, or otherwise manipulated. It can identify if a label has been cut off a garment, serving as a simple seals on hang tags or for items such as containers or jewelry.
  • A Digital Switch command, also used to prevent theft, lets the electronic device be activated at the point of sale, once it's been purchased, and can be used to lock or disable the device throughout the supply chain.
  • A Data Transfer command, which loads firmware into a microcontroller via the RFID air interface, enables contactless product configuration at any point in the supply chain or during the product lifetime as it eliminates the need for galvanic connectors on the PCB. These two commands also let device manufacturers enable or disable specific features for different device models.