For the last decade, RFID has made many major steps in technologies, capabilities and features. There are now few vertical applications where RFID has proven all its benefits and which one are starting to boom like it would have been expected already 5-10 years ago. There are also many vertical markets still in the incubation stage, and for which the products and solutions are still in an adaptation mode to fit at best the customer and market’s requirements. For all those applications, flexibility and speed for the time to market with the right product are essential.

Go4S has been able to help one of its customers to develop in a very short time a new 13.56MHz label, small rectangular form factor, and special tuning to match the application, thanks to the innovative manufacturing process of one of our partners.

Traditional technology, such as etched antenna or winded coil, would not have done the job in such a fast and flexible way.

Etched antenna:
That process takes time (few weeks) and involves costs for set up fees every time there is a tiny change in the design, such as for tuning adjustment.

Winded copper coil:
A winding tool has to be manufactured to fit the dimension. Also a rectangular form factor made with coil winding is not convenient and has some limitation.

With Go4S partner’s process, using copper wire deposition directly on the final substrate allows:

  • absolute size and format flexibility
  • better performance
  • immediate prototyping
  • used either for small or high volume production
  • easy to tune according to environment or material
  • eco friendly additive process without chemicals nor waste
  • inexpensive raw material

For any HF (13.56MHz) or UHF (869-915MHz) design