Readers, Tags & Labels for secure track & trace solutions

  • Initial Concept
  • Development phase
  • Prototypes, tests & qualifications
  • Manufacturing process
  • Suppliers & Outsourcing management

We assist you to source or manufacture the right products that fit exactly your needs, and those of the final user’s application. We give support to define the right product’s concept, we take care of the development and manufacturing of prototypes, and we manage the complete value chain with all the selected suppliers.

RFID uses many different frequencies, and each of them requires different type antenna design, various methods of connection, manufacturing processes for the coil or its final packaging, etc.

Our expertise in technologies and manufacturing process

  • Various frequencies: 125kHz, 13.56MHz, 868-915MHz, Active
  • Antenna manufacturing: technologiesEtched, wired, PCB antenna
  • Connection methods: COB (Chip On Board), Flip chip, soldering
  • Packaging concept, molding (ABS, PPS, custom polyamide), or lamination